JUNE, 15-23 / MOSCOW

International Yoga Week 2019

As 21st June is selected by more than 160 countries of UNITED NATIONS (https://www.un.org/en/events/yogaday/) as
International Yoga Day, Indian Yoga Academy is organizing 5th IYD - Moscow Festival 2019 on 15 & 16 June 2019.

World Champions: Four world champions & great yogis are joining together on the same stage to make the world healthier, happier & peaceful !

FREE : It's 100% free ! You will take part in the best workshops of the year for free and will learn:
- Yoga Tips for improving Health
- Tips for improving Yoga performance as Sports
- Yoga Tips for improving Education
- Tips for improving stability in Yoga as Profession
- Tips for new yoga teachers How to open yoga studio

Gifts & Prizes: You may receive prizes and gifts worth above USD $ 15,000 from Abs Yoga International
Grand Masters
Yoga World Champions and authors of yoga systems
Manoj Deshwal
(Singapore - India)
World champion in Yoga in 2008 and founder of Trust Yooga Singapore
Bal Mukund Singh
Twice world champion in Yoga in year 1993 and 1997
Aleksander Mikhalev
World Champion 2013
World champion in Yoga in 2018
Faina Smolianskaya
Twice world champion in Yoga in year 2013
Sunil Dahiya
(Russia - India)
Founder of Indian Yoga Academy and creator of four systems of Abs Yoga
Prizes & rewards worth US $15,000

Scholarships of USD $ 15,000 will be rewarded by our partner Abs Yoga International in six categories:

(a) Best Yoga Promoter Online
(b) Best Yoga Promoter Off-line
(c) Best Yoga Supporter
(d) Best Volunteer
(e) Most Enthusiastic Participant

In each category there are three awards:
1st prize USD 1500,
2nd prize USD 1000,
3rd Prize USD 500.
10,000+ Participants a Day

Major masterclasses will be attended by 1000 each. Above 11,000+ people registered through different websites.
Majority is between 25 to 35 years of age, 67% females, belong to upper-middle economics class and they are health conscious people. Participants includes regional fitness instructors, yoga teachers, sportsmen, owner & employees of yoga studios & fitness clubs and university students.
4 World Champions

Sri Bal Mukund Singh – Twice world champion in yoga in year 1993 and 1997 from India,

Mr Manoj Kumar – World Champion of year 2008 & founder of Trust Yoga Singapore from India,

Mr Aleksander Mikhalev – world champion of year 2013 and founder of only 'Yoga Theater in the world' from Russia

Miss Faina Smolianskaya – World champion year 2013 from Russia

will be teaching free masterclasses
1,000 Yoga Mats Free

The first 1000 registered visitors will receive free yoga mats as a gift.
Video Invitation: World Champion (2008)
Manoj Deschwal (Singapore)
Video Invitation: World Champion (2013)
Aleksander (Russia)
Video invitation: Two-time World Champion (1993 & 1997)
Mr Bal Mukund Singh (India)
Video Invitation: World Champion (2018)
Shraddha (India)
Register for festival
1000 yoga mats and gifts are waiting for the registered guests
(1 phone can be registered 1 time)
T-Shirt Size
Where is the festival?
We converted a cozy park, not far from center of Moscow into an oasis of self-discovery. Relax with your family and transfer to little India. It is next to Metro Station 'Prospekt Vernadskogo'.
Festival program
We gathered masters, musicians, lecturers, manufacturers of eco-friendly products and all kinds of masters - including the youngest ones
YOGA: 7 days of practice
June 15-21
Futurology Lectorium
June 15-21
Июнь, 15 –16
Суббота, 15 Июня
08:00 - Александра и Sai Group - Йогическая молитва о мире, здоровье и удаче для всего общества
09:30 - МАНОДЖ ДЕШВАЛ (Чемпион мира-2008) - TRUST YOGA, или Йога доверия - часть 1
11:30 - Церемония открытия фестиваля - ведическое и йогическое приветствие, встреча почетных гостей
12:30 - АЛЕКСАНДР МИХАЛЕВ И ФАИНА СМОЛЯНСКАЯ (Чемпионы мира-2013) - Парная йога - часть 1
15:30 - Антон A. - Медитация с глюкофонами и поющими чашами
16:30 - БАЛ МУКУНД СИНГХ (Двукратный чемпион мира-1993 и 1997) - Хатха-йога в традиции Свами Дхирендры Брахмачари
19:00 - SOL8 - LIVE

Воскресенье, 16 Июня
08:00 - Александра К. - Ведическая вокальная терапия
09:30 - БАЛ МУКУНД СИНГХ (Двукратный чемпион мира-1993 и 1997) - Хатха-йога в традиции Свами Дхирендры Брахмачари
12:30 - АЛЕКСАНДР МИХАЛЕВ И ФАИНА СМОЛЯНСКАЯ (Чемпионы мира-2013) - Парная йога - часть 1
14:30 - МАНОДЖ ДЕШВАЛ (Чемпион мира-2008) -TRUST YOGA, или Йога доверия - часть 1
16:30 - Церемония закрытия
Meet our friends and partners!
We tried to collect most popular questions about the festival, but if you still have any, ask us by the e-mail
I am yoga Teacher / Master. How can I take part as speaker or Teacher ?
In order to part as an expert of yoga, you must be a certified yoga teacher, over 18 years of age and have good reason to consider you above average yoga teacher.
If you are pass the criteria, you must mail us (1) your profile with contact details, (2) certificates , (3) photos & copy of passport at moscow9681150001@gmail.com as soon as possible. application received after 10 April will not be considered irrespective of reason. Our expert will examine your profile thoroughly. If your request is accepted we will inform you by email / phone / whatsApp.. The organisors retains the right to refuse any request made by you.
How to register and get a free yoga mat/t-shirt?
Registration form will be available soon.
Can I come with kids?
Certainly! There will be family activities at the festival.
Meet our team of organisers
You can ask any question or give a proposal. We are always ready to help you.
Sunil Dahiya
Founder & Director
Sunil is a founder of festival, 'IndianYogaAcademy' - charitable organization and 'ABS Yoga International' - professional yoga school. He himself owns many international awards in yoga, but here he is just organizer and student willing to learn from world's best masters. That's you!
Sonia D.
Director and Russia-coordinator
Sonia is head of organisation team. She is responsible for the Russian-speaking team of participants, as well as for marketing, brands integration and coordination of creative works.
Elnara B.
Location and supply
Elnara knows everything about the park and can consult about the neuromarketing of the festival.
Elena B.
Community management
Elena is managing the online groups, making promotions and tours
Contact us for any question by e-mail or social networks