June 28 / Moscow

International Yoga Day -
Moscow festival

Yoga infection prevention and disease control
Absolutely free
Enter is free and open to everyone who registered.
Vegetarian lunch and tea will also be freely provided.
Masterclasses from world champions
from celebrities of yoga and top professionals from science of medicine and health.
Limited places 
As festival is on ship, and we will keep 2 tenets distance between people, space is limited to 100 for each session.
How it was?
2019, 4 world champions attended
photographer: Ruben Karapetyan
more details: http://iyogad.ru/2019
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Leio
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Marion
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Shifaaz
Photo by Mike
Photo by Jason
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Photo by David
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What will be at the festival?
Lectures, talks and training by eminent people from yoga,
world champions, medical professionals from 'corona control Moscow hospitals', Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Chinese medicine experts. 
Know wrong world champions and dignitaries 
- How are they avoiding infectious 
- How they manage PROFESSION and earning during Quarantine 
- How they convert obstacles into opportunity (with special reference to quarantine and COVID-19)
How to get to the festival?
Register on the official website
Come in the mask
And wear a mask throughout the festival
Where and when will be festival? 
The festival will be held on one of the largest steamboats in Moscow - "Riviera". The whole event will be accompanied by a river walk along the Moscow River.

Location: Steamboat Riviera
Time: from 11:00 to 19:00

Alexander Mikhalev (Russia)

2013 world champion in two categories

Faina Smolyanskaya


2013 world champion

Who can’t attend this event?
1) People sick with infectious diseases 
2) People having high temperature 
3) People who are coughing 
4) People who are under influence of Alcohol / smoke / drugs 
5) People who doesn't follow the rules and instructions created by organizers. 
6) People who are disrespective for organising organization and their partner organizations.  
7) People *who did not respond to PERSONAL INVITATION* send by Sunil Dahiya from same festival in June 2019 ( even if they are president / minister / ambassador).  

And people who betrayed us earlier are advised to understand themselves and not to come this year.

Sign up for the festival 
We warn you that you can register 1 number only 1 time
(for one person)
What time you want to attend festival?
Choose in the order of your priorities
How did you know about the festival?
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How to be participant or sponsor?
If you are a yoga teacher and are ready to conduct a full-fledged master class on one of the current topics of the festival - WELCOME!
And also: if you make incredible coffee, make jewelry, cook an amazing vegan borscht or conduct another interesting business, we are very glad to see you! Write how you will help make the festival brighter!
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Our friends and partners 
Meet our team of organisers
You can ask any question or give a proposal. We are always ready to help you.
Sunil Dahiya
Founder & Director
Sunil is a founder of festival, 'IndianYogaAcademy' - charitable organization and 'ABS Yoga International' - professional yoga school. He himself owns many international awards in yoga, but here he is just organizer and student willing to learn from world's best masters. That's you!
Sonia D.
Director and Russia-coordinator
Sonia is head of organisation team. She is responsible for the Russian-speaking team of participants, as well as for marketing, brands integration and coordination of creative works.
Contact us for any question by e-mail or social networks